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To Know Them Is To Love Them

Every year the Lord puts together a group of children and young adults eager to share their talents with the world. More than that, they are eager to share the Gospel. The truth is, God’s power is real in their lives. They know Him as their Redeemer, Provider and Father. His name is constantly on their lips.

This year is no different. This group of 20 will bless all those that meet them. To know them is to love them and we cannot wait for you to meet them face to face! Until then, we want to tell you a little about each member of Choir Tour 4.

Angel Wamboka

At 11 years old, Angel’s contagious joy and outgoing personality have impacted many already. Angel lives down the dirt road from the Mbarara School with her mom and siblings and has been a part of PCM since the beginning. Despite being abandoned by her earthly father, she loves to laugh and the joy of the Lord is her strength!

Brian Ainamatsiko

Rescued from a life on the street, God has given Brian the vision to do the same for others. Brian’s testimony is powerful and sharing what God has done in his life is what he is most looking forward to on choir tour. Brian attends PCM’s Katyazo Secondary School.

Grace Yampurira

Grace might be small, but her spirit is mighty! Her prayer for her family is that “God would give them life.” Amen. Like many others she is anxious to share about Jesus while on the road, but she is also eager to try french fries for the first time!

Amon Nuwarinda

The son of a peasant farmer, Amon attends the Rwemikoma Primary School. He is well known by many of the team members from the 65 teams that PCM has taken to Uganda because he has always been front and center singing “I love you Lord” upon their arrival. Amon is talented and humble and a joy to all who know him.

Sherinah Twebaze

Sherinah is not a stranger to the US. Many of you who met Sherinah in 2014 on choir tour 2 are eager to hug her neck again! She is full of light and joy and knows what it means to trust God as her provider and strength. Sherinah attends the Mbarara Primary School and is excited that the new school will be open soon so that she can be closer to her siblings at Katyazo.

Grace Nnyanzi

Grace is the first born child of Pastor Emmy and Supermom. She has grown up with the ministry in Uganda and now has a family of her own. Grace’s husband and young son will miss her while she is on tour, but Grace is looking forward to sharing how God is working through PCM in Uganda.

Watson Abaho

Watson wants to be a pilot when he grows up! He lives just down the hill from the Sanga Primary School with his mom and six sisters in humble house. He is most looking forward to riding bicycles, playing football, telling stories about his family and country and trying new foods like fried chicken. Joy radiates from Watson and we cannot wait for you to meet him!

Esther Komujuni

Esther’s laugh will make anyone smile and her smile is striking, but her genuine love for people is what is most memorable about her. She loves to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel and tell of God’s goodness! You may remember Esther as one of the original members from the first choir tour in 2013. She can’t wait to enjoy another hamburger while on tour 🙂

Miria Naturinda

Miria is in her first year at the Katyazo Secondary School where she attends with two of her 6 siblings. Miria’s oldest sister is Allen, a beloved nursery teacher at the Mbarara School. Miria loves the Lord and God’s word and is eager to share it!

Mark Muhanguzi

If you have ever wanted to learn to play the drums, make sure to find Mark at one of our concerts! Mark attends the Mbarara Primary School with his siblings. He studies hard because he wants to attend a university program some day in hopes of becoming a doctor!

Emirinah Nalukwago

Emirinah is the youngest of seven siblings and is a student at the Mbarara Primary School. Her favorite Bible verse is

Proverbs 1:7, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

She is most looking forward to meeting her sponsor and sharing Scripture with those that she meets.

Joshua Turibamwe

Joshua is in S2 at Katyazo Secondary School. He studies hard in hopes of becoming a doctor, but his prayer is that God would give him favor to preach the Gospel to the nations! When not in school Joshua lives with Pastor Emmy and Supermom.

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