Meet The Board
Servant Leadership

Meet The Leadership Board

A ministry is only as strong as its leadership and in the case of PCM we are able to shine because of the servant leadership of our board. Our board is not made up of people wanting to make decisions. It is made up of couples who have a deep love for what PCM is doing and a desire to help us stay on the course that God has called us to. They do that through sacrificially setting the example for giving, praying, and going.

Our board of directors is presently made up of couples from Texas and Michigan who are not only helping PCM continue on our course but have a vision for who PCM can become by being obedient to God’s direction. As we continue to walk by faith we are thankful for servant leaders who have wisdom to go before us and support us as needed.

  • Mark & Monica Barret
    Mark & Monica Barret

    When not in East Africa, Mark & Monica make their home in Tyler, Texas. They love to travel. And take new friends to East Africa. They are thankful and overwhelmed with the work God is doing and would love to share it with you.

    • Raymond and Debby Woodward
      Raymond and Debby Woodward

      Based in the Tyler area and in the oil business by day, Raymond and Debby love watching God take our ideas and turn them into something way beyond our expectations.  And we love having their daily encouragement and excitement about how God’s working!

      • Joel and Melissa Wayne
        Joel and Melissa Wayne

        Joel and Melissa have had the opportunity to live in several different areas as Joel has pastored churches throughout the years.  Now in Michigan, their passion for mentoring and equipping will be a blessing to our Ugandan family for years to come.

        • Bob and Lisa Campanella
          Bob and Lisa Campanella

          Living in the Dallas area, Bob and Lisa have enjoyed working with several ministries and Christian schools.  They both bring much wisdom in the area of stewardship that help PCM to be accountable to our supporters while challenging them to be generous in giving of time, talents, and treasure.

          • Ken and Linda Bates
            Ken and Linda Bates

            On 2/14/14, Ken and Linda went to lunch with Epa and Kiconco. One month later they were in Uganda serving PCM.  Really, no one has made a bigger splash so quickly than these two Jesus lovers. We are grateful to have them a part of the team and can’t wait to see how Jesus uses them in the days to come.

            • John and Jackie Vandyke
              John and Jackie Vandyke

              We are blessed to have this whole family sold out to PCM and it’s vision. Few have spoken up more and got more accomplished in Michigan than our friends from Grand Rapids. We look forward to many more events with the VanDykes by our side.

              • Rich and Kristen Wolowski
                Rich and Kristen Wolowski

                Rich and Kristen brought their whole family to Uganda in the summer of 2014. PCM has changed their lives. They will never remain the same.  We are blessed to have them leading the charge for Jesus and PCM in Michigan.

                • Randy and Shannon Stevenson
                  Randy and Shannon Stevenson

                  Our Chairman of the Board first visited Uganda in early 2013 leading a Christian businessman’s conference with some men from Michigan.  We are grateful for their prayers and encouragement from before our 501c3a was a reality to today.  No one has stood with PCM USA longer alongside the Barrets than this couple.