Sponsorship Changes Lives


Your tax deductible donation of $38 per month will:

  • feed
  • clothe
  • educate
  • disciple

a vulnerable child at one of our five schools.

When you sponsor a child through PCM, you will receive a profile card in the mail with information about the child’s family, hopes, dreams and prayers.

The greatest impact you will have in the life of your sponsored child is through building a relationship with them. You will receive letters and pictures from them and can mail letters directly to Uganda, send them through our USA office or send them electronically as often as you like.

The children know their sponsors by name, pray for them daily and find comfort in knowing that someone on the other side of the world cares about them.


What is a sponsor?

A sponsor can be an individual, family or group who helps meet the basic needs of a child and builds a relationship with him or her.

What does a sponsor do?

For $38 a month, you provide much needed food, clean water, clothing and an education to a boy or girl. You also enable the child to receive the opportunity to grow in their spiritual walk with Christ and know Him as their Sustainer and Provider as well as encourage them in Jesus’ name through regular communication.

How does sponsorship help?

It brings hope that someone in a different country and culture loves them, believes in them and is praying for them. The impact of sponsorship not only reaches your child, but also their family, community, country and the world by raising leaders, providing jobs and discipling the next generation.

What is the impact of a sponsor?

Studies show that children who are sponsored in third world countries are:

  • 27 – 40% more likely to complete a secondary education
  • 50 – 80% more likely to complete a university education
  • 35% more likely to have a professional job

How long is my sponsorship commitment?

Our hope is that your sponsorship is an ongoing commitment. However, we understand that financial constraints sometimes prevent that long term. You can update, increase or cancel you sponsorship at any time.

How often will I hear from my sponsored child?

Our goal is that you receive a letter from your child four times per year. If your child is very young, you will receive drawings from them and an update from their teacher.

Are there multiple sponsors for one child?

No, when you choose to sponsor through PCM you are that child’s one and only sponsor. *The only exception is through the University Program.

Can I visit my child?

Yes. PCM takes several trips each year to Uganda. If you are interested in meeting your child in person, please go online to click here pcmonline.org/go and fill out a Trip Interest Form.

What should I say in my letters to my sponsored child?

The children love reading about your family, hobbies, pets, favorite sports, etc. Share with them your favorite Bible verses, encourage them with Scripture or write your prayer for them. They also love seeing pictures of you and your family! Click here for more ideas  pcmonline.org/letterwritingtips.

What can I send to my child?

Periodically, there will be opportunities to send general items that will be distributed to all of the children at your sponsored child’s school.  You will receive an email notifying you of those times.  


We understand you may wish to send a package to your sponsored child; however, for the well being of all of the children, it is our goal that each child is provided for equally. Therefore, we ask that the onlyitems you send be letters, pictures and a Bible (NKJ Version).  Please know that your monetary contribution will meet the primary needs of your sponsored child.

Can I mail letters and pictures to my child whenever I want?

Yes! Please mail letters and pictures as often as you like. Your communication to your sponsored child is a reminder of your love and commitment to them. This provides a huge amount of hope for a child in Uganda!

If I accidentally miss a payment, will my child’s needs still be met?

Yes.  Please see the question and answer below about how sponsorship contributions are distributed in Uganda.  In addition, we have many people who partner with us in giving to our General Fund*, and among other things, that fund helps cover any deficits we might have for orphan care.  If you realize you’ve missed a payment and would like to give extra the next month, the addition amount you give will also go towards your child’s school.


*If you’d like to partner with us in giving to our General Fund, please contact Justin Hayes for information about our Foundational Partners program.

Will my contribution go directly to my child?

Your contribution will go directly to the school where your child attends to help your child as well as others who may not be sponsored.  In Uganda they do everything in community and from the youngest to the oldest they share everything.  So, your contribution will go to help that school thrive and take care of the needs of each child such as uniform, clean water, food, and education.  Your child will also know you by name and pray for you and your family, thanking God for the blessing of going to school because of your gift.

If you did not find the answers to your questions above, please email us at sponsor@pcmonline.org or call the office at 903.526.0499.