Celebrate Dads Everywhere

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18

Be the Father’s Love in Action by giving the gift of God’s Word in honor of the special dads in your life!

Imagine listening to pieces of the Gospel but never getting the full picture.

What we have on our shelves and at our disposal are priceless treasures that people desire every day to possess.

It’s the Word of God. 

$10 provides a new Bible in a local language.

Until you have seen the face of someone receiving his first Bible in his local language, you have not seen joy in its purest form. It’s a reminder that God’s Word is a love letter to each one of us, and He’s asking us to deliver it to His children.

It’s the greatest gift you could ever give.

Please email info@pcmonline.org to receive a free printable Father’s Day card to let the men in your life know that a donation was made in their honor.