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Parental Care Ministries Exists To Proclaim The Good News Of Jesus In East Africa, Comfort The Hurting, And Multiply God’s Gifts Through Education & Discipleship.
choir, churches, & glory FM
Clinic & Baby House
Clean Water, Farming, Schools

We proclaim the gospel by equipping and mentoring a network of more than 70 pastors to spread the Gospel, plant churches, and preach the Word of God at conferences and crusades throughout Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and beyond. We also broadcast the gospel through an FM station as well as through international choir tours.

Additionally, we heal the sick through our Kate Clinic and also care for orphans and abandoned babies at Omwana House.

Lastly, PCM has sponsored 1,800 children in several schools through southwest Uganda by building schools and developing self-sustaining farm land and banana plantations while providing access to clean water.


God has gifted the Ugandan people with wonderful talents.

One goal of PCM is to help our schools and pastors become as self-sufficient as possible. Through generous donors we have been able to provide cows for 70 pastors and over 100 acres of land to grow food for our schools. These gifts will help feed our people and generate income.

You can make an impact in Africa

Slab For Primary School Buildings

Slab For Primary School Buildings

Help us fund a new slab to make room for 20 new classrooms, a dorm and a medical clinic. More children being educated and discipled at PCM schools means that more room is needed. You can be a part of the solution.

Kyassenya Main Hall / Church

Kyassenya Main Hall / Church

At this time our 400 children have no central gathering place, and our church is squeezing into one classroom for worship on Sundays. Help us give them a new home for the church and school!

Enkoko House Phase 2

Enkoko House Phase 2

Phase 1 of the Enkoko House project is funded and has us well on our way to completing our first chicken house that will initially house 1,600 chickens!  We just need your help to finish Phase 2 and begin providing the protein our kids need. 

Clinic at Katyazo

Clinic at Katyazo

With all these babies, children, and adult staff we are in desperate need of a medical clinic.  Just this month many students from our Katyazo school have had to go home with different forms of sickness. Help us build a clinic to take care of our precious children.

Sponsor a Child
Only $38 A Month

Provides A Child’s Physical Needs & A Top Notch Christian Education.

  • My family and I sponsor 3 precious children through PCM. I guess at first we thought we’d sponsor to help provide a healthy, successful start to life as every child needs. I didn’t realize that the contribution would return such a reward. I was actually gaining family, friends, prayers, love, encouragement, treasured letters, and trusted sons and daughters. I sponsor and continue to sponsor because of the real, life-long connection I have to my 3 children in Uganda and ALL of their family and friends. We need each other and God brought us together through PCM.

    Kristi Peer, Sponsor
  • My decision to sponsor Treasure was easy as I met her when I visited Mbarara last year. One only has to spend a few moments with one of these children to know how special they are.

    David Dow, Sponsor
  • We love sponsoring with PCM because of the personal relationships we get to build with our sponsor children through frequent letter exchanges. It is a privilege to be a part of their lives as they live out God’s plan for them on the other side of the world.

    Lisa Patrick, Sponsor
  • My first thought as I looked through the books of each child that needed to be sponsored was: Every child deserves the opportunity to grow up to change his world for Christ. If Mark and I can share Christ through our love, prayers, and sponsorship then we have succeeded in helping him to believe that he can make a difference in his country. There are NO words to describe the joy and blessing that we receive through sponsoring Rodger and Stallon!

    Mark and Stephanie Leonard, Sponsors

give a
christian education

When each of our primary schools were started, many children from the village were given the opportunity to go to school for the first time. You can be a part of making that sort of influence in a life.